Monitoring Welding

Welding Notebook Writing

  • Writing, verification and validation of welding notebook according to company’s qualifications
  • Technical choices of processes according to construction and equipment of the company
  • Monitoring and implementation of QMOS and QS by authorized organizations
  • Connection with experienced welders selected by LOGIC
  • Writing and verification of technical welding procedures in relation to customer requirements
  • Analysis and verification application of customer requirements (standards, specifications, validated operating procedures, etc.)
  • Control and verification of welding parameters and implementation of DMOS
  • Organization of welding teams according to production and skills/qualifications
  • Management of the supply of filler materials and verification of type 3.1 certificates
  • Organization of NDT according to the daily production
  • Verification of NDT reports by qualified personnel
  • Counter-expertise of analysis in case of dispute by qualified agents
  • Verification of the implementation of NDT : Visual, Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Testing, Radiography, Ultrasound
  • Welding logbook feeding and verification
  • Self-checks and reports writing (welding parameters, delarding, visual inspection etc.)
  • Verification, follow-up, renewal of welders’ qualifications
  • Welding equipment verification and monitoring during production