QSE Construction Monitoring

Traceability, conformity, document managEment !

To meet regulatory obligations and ensure network safety, documented evidence must be provided to guarantee the compliance of structures and be submitted to the relevant authorities.

From the preparatory phase to the completion of the project, we support our clients in ensuring the quality assurance of their projects

Technical and contractual documents writing, follow-up and management :  

  • Deliverables / Technical archives
  • Operating procedures
  • Exchanges between contractor and client
  • Derogations
  • Technical variances
  • Plans

Audits are conducted in collaboration with all relevant teams with the aim of improving the performance of the quality, safety, and environmental management system in place.

  • Operating modes analysis
  • Operating modes control and implementation
  • Control of adequacy between operating modes and actions carried out
  • Welding Notebook
  • Test files
  • End of business files
  • Commissioning records