QHSE Management System coaching

In this era of permanent evolution, continuous improvement is obvious !

Deploying and managing a management system enables you to continuously improve your organization and the products and services you offer. Customer focus and employee involvement, combined with a risk-based approach and evidence-based decision making, are essential to achieving your strategic goals. 

  • ISO 9001 process implementation
  • Organizational audits 
  • Quality Assurance Plans (Q.A.P) writing
  • Quality operating modes definition and writing
  • Quality cells setting up and monitoring
  • Quality of works supervision and audits
  • Quality management of construction site in accordance with Q.A.P
  • Document management and control
  • ISO 45001 process implementation
  • Organizational Audits 
  • Single Document for Evaluation of Professional Risks (SDEPR) writing
  • Specific Safety and Health Prevention Plan (SSHPP) and prevention plan definition and writing
  • Accident analysis, root cause analysis
  • Safety results analysis and preventive actions proposal
  • Safety of works supervision and audits
  • Control plans implementation
  • ISO 14001 process implementation
  • Organizational Audits 
  • Significant environmental aspects determination 
  • Organization diagrams and environmental compliance plan writing (SOPRE) and organization and waste management scheme (SOGED)
  • Environmental procedures follow-up
  • Environmental risk assessment