QCM digitalization


Pipeline constructions are subject to technical, regulatory, and contractual requirements for which proof of compliance must be recorded.

The QCM application provides a reliable and instantaneous quality control solution for construction.

Configured with all project data/requirements and used on-site, it provides real-time information availability from anywhere!


Your recordings in few clicks

The self-checks are work done proof, they allow to decide on conformity and to know work progress.

These self-checks are carried out on site and must be transmitted to project manager within a very short time (generally within 24 hours after completion of the work).

Thanks to construction monitoring digitalization , the self-checks are generated automatically!

The use by construction teams in the field allows for entering production elements and benefiting from instant control.

The entered data feeds into the self-checks, which can be transmitted directly to the project manager.

This document is regulatory and lists all the construction data of the pipeline. It is essential for the commissioning of the facilities.

Mastering the traceability of pipes and welds is necessary for feeding the welding book.

The use of QCM throughout the construction process enables instant and automatic feeding of the welding book.

The welding book becomes available in real-time, without a dedicated phase for data recording.

The construction monitoring is done in real time, QCM offers the possibility to generate progress reports

Welding statistics are automatically calculated based on welding and non-destructive testing data. This ensures compliance monitoring of welds (by welder, by welding procedure specification, and by period).


Construction data available in real time and anywhere

Mastery of compliance and traceability

Secure data recording.

Reduction of health and safety risks at work

Geolocated construction

Environmental footprint reduction

Cost reduction (management, travel)