QCM digitalization

The self-checks are work done proof, they allow to decide on conformity and to know work progress. These self-checks are carried out on site and must be transmitted to project manager within a very short time (generally within 24 hours after completion of the work). Thanks to construction monitoring digitalization , the self-checks are generated automatically! The client’s team leaders are equipped with site tablets that allow them to enter the production elements and benefit from an instant control. The data entered feed the client’s self-checks, which can be transmitted directly to the project manager.

This document lists all pipeline construction data (associated with pipes and welds). Pipes and welds traceability control is necessary for welding book feeding, its conformity depends on realization of physical tests required for work commissioning ! Thanks to tubes and welds traceability management by image recognition and the use QCM application on site tablets, construction data are instantly controlled and recorded in welding book.

The compliance rules are integrated into the database upstream, which analyzes all information received. If a deviation is detected, an alert is issued on the tablet and a report is generated and sent to the quality manager. Deviations can thus be treated in real time !

Daily reports can be edited in real time to know the progress of each activity. Planning impacts can be anticipated by project manager.

Welding statistics are automatically calculated to welds quality monitoring by team of welders over a given period. In addition, the defects identification allows teams to apply an action plan in order to reduce defects with highest occurrence.